Frequently Asked Questions:


Why would I read this instead of the actual rule book?

90% of baseball is covered by about 20% of the rules. The most common rules are in our book and very easy to find. Finding these in the very dense rule book is much more difficult.


Am I ready to umpire after reading this book?
Nope. You will have a good foundation of knowledge. You will have a great place to get a refresher on the most common rules. But, in the end, umpires have to know the entire book – not to mention all the training they have on mechanics.


Am I ready to win bar bets with misinformed people citing old rule myths?
Absolutely. Knowing the difference between obstruction and interference should win you the cost of the book in bar bets.


Holy Cow – the artwork is amazing, can I hire the illustrator?
We agree, contact us via the link and we will introduce you to him.


Can I use the artwork for my handouts on the rules?
Sorry – the art is for this project only.


This would be a great thing for our league’s coaches/administration/fans/umpires, can I order them in bulk?
We think that is a great usage. Contact us and we will figure out how to get you a bulk discount.


Will you come and speak to our league about common rules?
Depends on where you are at. Contact us and we will see what we can make happen.


What made you want to produce this book?
We read an article by ESPN’s Jayson Stark about baseball rules. It talked about how dense and sometimes unreadable the rule book is. We agree and tried to make the rules a little more digestible (the author got 10 out 10 on the quiz).


Are you sure the hands are not part of the bat?
I am pretty sure my hand is part of my arm.


When does the book on tape or Braille version of this come out?
I see what you did there…umpires are blind. Clever.


Are there plans to release an app?
An app is something we are considering. Stay tuned.


I am a coach – if the umpire in my kid’s game misses a rule, should I walk on the field and show him your book?
Depends on where you want to watch the rest of the game. Seriously, don’t be that coach.


Are you planning on making a version for high school or college baseball?
This is something we hope to pursue in the future. At this time, the NCAA and NFHS (high school) are not allowing us to use their rules in this format. Major League Baseball graciously allowed us to use their rules. 


So, you have the express written consent of Major League Baseball just like what is always mentioned on TV and radio?
Yup. It is one of the coolest letters I have ever received.


Where can I learn more about the rules?
Check out our links section.


Are you sure all the sample plays are correct?
The sample plays and key points were edited by a rules expert. Also, we read and reread for accuracy. That said, there is always a chance something slipped through the cracks. Use the contact form to send the specifics. Corrections will be posted on the site.





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